Ipierre has been a protagonist within the gardening world for over 50 years; the company represents attention to progress and market trends, the maximum level of "Made in Italy" quality.

Every single one of our articles is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, from selecting the best raw materials with constant control of the production processes to achieve the excellence of the final product.

You can see the inherent quality of our products even from a simple quick connector

  • 4 connector hooking teeth for perfect balance and optimal load distribution
  • The area around the side in which the connection is inserted is closed with a protection ring, which impedes the entrance of dirt and debris.
  • The movement of the ring, to release the connection and return, is provided by a stainless-steel spring
  • The ring nut on the connecting part of the tube is particularly thick and knurled for an excellent grip, even with wet hands
  • The locking notches on the tube are long and flexible, providing an excellent hold even on thin and slippery tubes, which also distribute the load when the ring nut is tightened, stopping the tube from tearing if it gets bent or twisted
  • The ergonomic design of the ring has been thought up to facilitate the release (or detachment) phase
  • The external connector components are all made from ABS, a high-performance plastic material, capable of withstanding intense use