Our Company

Using valuable resources, solid and recognized skills, Ipierre is the benchmark of excellence, the innovative company that offers the best products and services for irrigation and gardening.

Ipierre garden

Everything you need to take care of your garden: complete and functional solutions for irrigation, from the connector to the control unit for underground irrigation, from the hose nozzle to the turbine sprinklers, as well as tools and utensils essential for gardening work.

Ipierre hydro

We have created a wide range of products dedicated to "water-saving" hydraulics: thanks to Ipierre technology, we provide taps that guarantee a full-bodied output jet volume with a 50% water saving. The range is completed with mixers, showers and fittings.


The in drops water supply for your plants

Use Idrovita to water every 20 days* and reduce water consumption, guaranteeing the ideal hydric provision to the roots. It’s ideal all year round and for all types of plants and flowers, both indoor and outdoor.

Its duration is about 4 years, it’s completely environmentally friendly and it does not release any toxic substances.

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